Vendor Terms

As a Vendor working with Educator.Shop you guarantee that all products you list in your shop are your unique content and you have full rights to list them for sale.

In order to ensure quality control each of the products you list will be held for approval before being published on the site.

As a vendor you will need to ensure you accurately describe your product in the description and are not misleading in any way.


Due to the digital nature of the products on Educator.Shop purchases are considered final, although refunds will be considered within 30 days of purchase on a case-by-case basis. Refunds may be granted if a product listing was misleading, a file is corrupt and unable to be downloaded, if a purchaser has bought a duplicate product within the last 30 days and other such occurrences.


Payouts are made via PayPal on accounts that have a balance of $50 or more. The payouts occur in the first week of each month for purchases made the month prior. For example, in the first week of February payouts will be made to accounts with a balance of $50 or more for products purchased up until January 31.