Uppercase Brush Lettering Worksheets (Free Youtube tutorial included!)


If you’re a beginner in calligraphy and brush lettering, these worksheets are perfect for you to learn your uppercase letters!
Even if you’re just looking to learn 2 new styles of uppercase letters, you’ll want to check these out!

Worksheets follow along with my guided Youtube tutorial linked below!

See below for specific details…

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Worksheets include:

TWO different lettering styles of the Uppercase Alphabet (Capital letters):
65-pg set includes:
— 2 full uppercase only alphabets with instruction on upstrokes and downstrokes
—a CUSTOM lettered quote that you can trace and learn, and/or print as is to display for personal use
—PLUS 52 pages of drills (each letter repeated on a page) so you can keep practicing without interruption!)

These specific worksheets work best with smaller tipped brush pens, like
the Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen or the Pentel Arts Sign Pens Brush

***These worksheets were created to follow along with my FREE TUTORIAL which can be found on my YOUTUBE channel:

These were specifically designed to be printed and traced over, but there is a
way to use in procreate on the iPad Pro or newest iPad model.

1. If you’ve purchased my sheets, open them from your iPad
2. take a screen shot of the pages you want to practice
3. import each page into procreate as a photo
4. Then start tracing overtop in a new layer!

join us in the facebook group if you’re looking to join in on some
daily practice or just to check out what everyone else is doing! Join
here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TanyasHandLetteredAndLOVED.Learn/


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